Distillers Corn Oil

In the fall of 2008, RPMG started offering corn oil marketing services to ethanol plants. We began marketing for one plant with annual production of 6 million pounds per year. Today, we market for 15 ethanol plants with annual production of 450 million pounds per year, and are continuously seeking out new customers and new uses for the corn oil our ethanol plants produce. The majority of the ethanol crude corn oil produced is used as an animal feed additive or as a feedstock for biodiesel production.

As with our other products, RPMG markets corn oil in a completely transparent manner allowing each plant to see all trade information including trade price, quantity, and buyer. We also manage corn oil logistics for our plants; therefore, along with knowing all trade information, each plant is also aware of transportation costs and spreads.

RPMG guarantees the following specifications for corn oil:

  • Moisture – 1% max
  • MIU – 3.0% max
  • FFA – 15% max